Crazy Santa

Hyper-deflationnary cryptocurrecy advent calendar

About $XMAS

Santa is a very generous person, and after this difficult year, he wants to make sure that everyone gets as many gifts as possible during the Christmas season. For this particular year, and with his $XMAS token, Crazy Santa intends to give away great prizes to his community, including lottery prizes of 10,000 BUSD and NFT giveaways throughout the month of December.

Also, thanks to its deflationary token, Crazy Santa will redistribute 5% of the transaction fees to WWF, an environmental NGO, the well-being of reindeer being extremely important to Santa.

But he doesn't want to stop there: for Crazy Santa, the Christmas atmosphere is everything. His greatest gift would be to create a tight-knit community around this beautiful atmosphere, with the willingness to give back to the participants value, no matter how much money they have in their wallets.


  • Phase 1

    Idea of the project.

  • Phase 2

    Visual Identity Creation
    Social Medias

  • Phase 3

    $XMAS launch
    Listing Coingecko
    Listing CoinMarketCap

  • Phase 4

    Audit of Smart Contracts
    Burning Phase
    Crazy Santa Verse

  • Phase 5

    Lottery for holders
    Launching Crazy Santa NFT
    Charitable Donation

How to Get Started


Download Metamask

First, you will need a metamask wallet to use Pancakeswap. Simply visit and download the extension.
The extension is secure and widely used in the DeFi market. Remember to never share your seed phrase!


Fund your wallet

Purchase BNB to fund your wallet,
These coins are used in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)


Visit Pancakeswap

Click on this link.
Click connect on the top right corner of the page. Click on the Metamask extension. This will open up the extension.
Swap and enjoy.

Contract addresses

$XMAS token address on BSC :

Vault contract address on BSC :

Burn Vault on BSC :

Team Supply Vault Locked on BSC :

30 percentage of tax burnt
5 percentage given to WWF
30 percentage for vault hodlers
25 percentage for 25 december gift
10 percentage for marketing

Token Features

Environmental initiative

After seeing the environmental problems our society currently faces, we decided to try helping our planet as well. Global Warming’s first victim is the north pole, where the myth of the icon of our coin started. Because of this, we decided to donate 5% of each transaction fee to WWF, who can help the north pole animals, and create a better place for them.

Massive Burn

$XMAS token is ultra deflationary, which means that for every transaction, the system burns 30% of the fees incurred. As December progresses, the burn will increase exponentially. It creates value for holders and encourages more transactions in the eco-system.

Rewards vault

In the wonderful world of Crazy Santa, you have the opportunity to multiply your winnings by storing them in the Vault. When users make transactions, 25% of the fees from those transactions are sent directly to the Vault.

Giveway of 10k equivalent in BNB the 24th of December

Our coin has a sponsorship option. It means that if you invite your friends thanks to a referral code, you will have more rewards each day and receive coins for your good deeds. By implementing this option, we will increase our coin’s influence and make it more known. It will increase the demand and also make the price increase, helping us to achieve our objective of rewarding our Hodlers.

Giveway of a NFT Verse

NFT Verse: On the 24th of december, some randomly chosen wallets which holded the coin from the 1st of december until the 24th of december for more than 10 days will receive a NFT verse. A total 10,000 NFTs will be distributed, and will give access to a future rare NFT that will be accessible for Easter.

More surprises await Holders throughout the month of December, but what would be a good gift without surprises?

Let yourself be surprised by the different types of rewards we will be distributing in the next month, and get a big bag of cash!

Our mission

There are several deflationary tokens on the market, but none of them are currently simple to understand for a user with little experience in crypto-currencies. Most of them do not have a very advanced identity which can sometimes prevent a potential investor from using the token.

Our general idea is to create a token based on the Christmas theme that is easy to understand for all users and that allows us to reward the holders of the $XMAS token with exponential burn systems.

Our goal is to redistribute value to our investors, regardless of their portfolios and regardless of their knowledge of blockchain and deflationary systems.

Our Team

We are a team of 7 cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We each have complementary skills: we have experts in communication to make the project grow and be known efficiently, we have outstanding designers who give a unique ethic to the project and blockchain developers who allow us to create any kind of smart contract and thus be able to create such a rich system.


She is working on her NFT Verse project ( stay tuned )

7 but its favorite is called "Elan Moose"

Crazy Santa's factory is located in the north pole for the moment. A submarine is currently being designed to protect Crazy Santa's reindeers from the melting ice, hence the desire to give some transaction fees to a NGO which will protect the reindeers.

No, I don't even have to move my ass anymore, I just have to go through the BSC blockchain.
Going around the world in 24 hours is now a reality
PS: Beware of weight gain!

As long as you choose me and not another "fake" Crazy Santa, then yes of course.

No, Shiba you've had your turn, no more presents, go away.

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